Using Good Phrasing in Your Guitar Playing

Using Good Phrasing

Phrasing in music is not that much different from phrasing in speech.  In music we are using notes instead of words.  In speech, it is possible to say two different things using the exactly the same series words in exactly the same order.  The same is true in music, we can play the exactly the same notes in the same order, but by playing them in different rhythms we can give the solo a different feel.
Just as in speaking we need to pause in order to breathe, our music should breathe too.  Allowing our music or solo to breathe, adds a lot more feeling than if we were to only play sixteenth notes at two hundred beats per minute.  This isn’t a problem for musicians who play wind instruments or vocalists, they have no choice but to use phrasing.  Most guitarists could benefit from paying attention to their phrasing.
We can also play the notes with different techniques, like bends, hammer ons, slides, and artificial harmonics.  One exercise that we can do is to use the same series of notes but to see how many different rhythms and techniques we can apply to them to change the sound.
Another exercise we can do is to use the same rhythm or  techniques and apply them to different series of notes.  Both are good ways to develop your phrasing.  Still another exercise we can do is copy the phrasing from our favorite guitar players and apply them to our own series of notes or even come up with our own rhythms.

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