What Guitar Pick Thickness Should I Use?

Why Guitar Pick Thickness Matters

The thickness of the pick you use, will have an effect your tone. Generally a heavier pick will give you a thicker, richer tone, and a thin pick will give you thinner, brighter tone.  For shredding, I recommend using a thicker pick, 1.0 or heavier.(I like to use Dunlop Jazz III).  The reason for this is that, when playing fast you don’t want a pick that will flex, causing you to use more effort and hinder you from making the smallest movement possible.  For strumming chords, you may want to use something a little thinner.  Another thing to consider is that, picks made of different materials will slightly alter your tone and may have different flexibilities.  It is a good idea to experiment with several different kinds and brands of picks in order to see what works best for you.