So You Want to Learn to Play Guitar

When you decide that you would like to learn to play guitar there are so many questions, like What kind of

guitar should I get? Should I buy an acoustic guitar or an electric guitar? Should I learn from videos or take

private lessons?  What else do I need to start?  Well, all those answers depend on you.
It really depends what your goals are.  What kind of music you would like to play.  Whether you just want to

play as a hobby or start a band and play for people, and how much money you are willing to commit to this new

As to whether to start with an acoustic guitar or an electric guitar, it really depends on what kind of

music you would like to play.  Acoustic guitars are a little more difficult to play and require a bit more

finger strength than an electric guitar, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing as you will build up finger

strength quite quickly with regular practice.  Also, an electric guitar requires, in addition to the guitar,

an amp and an instrument cable.  So those are a few pros and cons.
As far as, whether or not, to go with a private teacher, I would say definitely go with the teacher if you

can afford it.  Having someone show you and critique your technique is vital a beginning guitarists.  You need

a good foundation to build on.  For a private teacher you will generally pay between $18 and $35 for a half

hour lesson, although I’m sure there are those who charge much more.
One difficulty can be finding a good teacher.  Being a good player doesn’t necessarily make one a good

teacher.  If possible try to talk to people in your area who have taken lessons and can recommend a good

teacher to you.  Try to find a teacher who teaches the style you would like to play.  For example, if you want

to play rock music and your teacher wants to teach you a lot of jazz chords, this is not necessarily a bad

thing, you can learn a lot, but it is less likely to keep your interest.  A good teacher should base his

lessons on getting you to your goals.  Don’t be afraid to look for another teacher if the first one you have

chosen isn’t working out, it’s your time and money that is being wasted.
If you can’t or don’t want to pay the money to take private lessons videos are the next best choice.  There

are many choices, but I would be wary of any programs that promise incredible results in a very short amount

of time.  If it sounds too good to be true it probably is.  There is no shortcut to becoming a great

guitarist, your results will depend upon the effort that you put in to it.

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