Printable Guitar Chords For Beginners

Free Printable Guitar Chords

These are all good guitar chords for beginners. They are easy start out with, whether your playing an acoustic or an electric guitar.  The the numbers denote the fingers that you will use to fret each note.  The ‘X’ denotes a string that is not played.  The ’0′ denotes a string that is played open.

Memorize where your fingers go on each string.  Once you have accomplished this,  begin to practice switching between several of the chords.  If you find this difficult to do at first, try just placing your fingers on the bottom few strings and strumming just those strings.  As you get a feel for each chord, begin to add more strings, until you can play the entire chord.  Play as slowly as you need to, in order to play each chord evenly.  Also check to be sure that each note rings out clearly.  Practicing this way, will help you when you start to play faster.  If you play with sloppy timing when playing slow, it will only get worse when you begin play at normal speed.




Open E minor Chord ChartOpen E minor Chord Chartsmall F major bar chord chart


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