Playing Guitar With Small Hands

Can you still play the guitar if you have small hands?

A comment that I have heard made many times, as to why people have given up on playing guitar is that they have small hands. It is true there is a lot of variation among people in the sizes of their hands, especially between men and women, but for most people the size of their hands isn’t the problem they make it out to be.  Obviously playing chords or licks that require long stretches may be easier for some people than others, but the good news is, that with continual practice, you will be able to stretch your fingers farther and farther.   Consistent practice will also strengthen your fingers and hands allowing you to play bar chords.

Also the way you position your thumb behind the neck can give you greater ability to make those big stretches.   To give yourself the greatest reach possible, place your thumb in the center of the neck, not wrapped around it.  This may seem a little awkward at first, as you will sacrifice some strength and control for better reach, but with practice this position will feel much more natural.

While it is true, that most people who think that they have small hands, usually just need more practice, there are people who do genuinely have small hands or difficulty making big stretches because of arthritis or injuries.  For these people there is the option to get a 3/4 size guitar.  Getting a custom made guitar is also an option, but is too expensive for most people to consider.