Natural Talent verses Hard Work Which is Most Important in Playing Guitar

Many people may feel that they are not musically gifted and will never be able to be any good at playing an instrument.  It is also true that some people are more naturally inclined to playing music and pick it up more quickly than most, but the good news is, that, generally the people who succeed are the ones that work the hardest at it.  Guitarist such as Yingwe Malmsteen and Steve Vai spent hours and hours of practice and years of hard work to get where they are.
There are many different aspects to playing the guitar and it is highly unlikely that one person would be naturally proficient in all of them.  For example, some people might have a good ear for music and quickly recognize different intervals, but it is unlikely that they would also have a large natural advantage in having a sense rhythm, the technical aspects of picking, creativity, and practice habits too.  The key is persistence and not giving up or losing interest.  Having that is a gift in itself.
Persistence alone is not enough however, you need to make sure that your practice sessions are effective and that you are using proper technique.  If your practicing is not making you any better or you are practicing bad habits, you could practice for years and not make much progress.  Practicing guitar is like exercise, you need to continually challenge yourself, otherwise you will plateau and make little or no progress