More Guitar Exercises for Speed and Accuracy

Play this exercise up and then back down the neck.  Then move it to the second string and play it there.  Continue on all the strings.  As always use a metronome and don’t play any faster than can play cleanly.  Building speed and accuracy is a slow and steady process, make sure you are using minimal pressure to fret the notes and your hands, wrists and arms are free from tension.  If you feel yourself tensing up, slow it back down a notch and start again.

Exercise 1



Play this exercise the same as above, after you have played it up and down the neck move the pattern to the next string

Exercise 2

Lets change it up a little for this next one.  This exercise will help you when moving from string to string.

Exercise 3


Developing speed and precision in your picking and fretting hand takes time.  Don’t spend all your time only trying to develop speed, and  neglecting the other areas of your playing.



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