How to Write a Song on Guitar

Writing a Song on Guitar

A lot of people get started playing guitar because they want to write their own songs.  This doesn’t have to be hard.  Writing a song on guitar can be easy, if you start out with a few simple chords.  It helps to have some knowledge of which chords fit in each key.  If you know this you can easily find chords that will sound good together.

So how do you go about writing a song?  There are really no rules to writing a song but there several routes you can take.  You can start with a chord progression, start with a melody, or write your guitar parts to fit vocals.  Different ways are work better for different people.

You can start out with a simple chord progression, using three or four chords.  Don’t make it too complex at first until you find the proper chords.  Once you find the right chords to use, you can work on making it more complicated.  If your song contains vocals, you may want to plan out those parts before you make your song more complicated, as you may not need to make the parts you sing over very complex.

If your song is in verse/chorus structure, you can change up the chords, rhythm, or strum pattern a little to come up with a verse or a chorus for your song.  This process will also work if you are starting with a guitar riff or a melody.


Music or Lyrics First

There is really no right way to do this, it’s whatever works best for you.  If you write lyrics first, it’s good to have a rhythm in your head as you write, that way, you will know how to phrase them.  It will also make writing guitar parts to back them up easier.

If you have trouble coming up with your own songs, it is helpful to look at the way other peoples songs are put together.  This can give you ideas for your own songs.  You can even start with another riff or lick, and change it up, until you end up with something entirely different.

As you write more songs, songwriting will become easier and more natural, so don’t give up.  With it takes lots of practice to perfect your songwriting ability.

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