How to Play Guitar Standing Up

If you spend a lot of time practicing, chances are that you spend the vast majority of your practice sitting down. This can cause a problem which only becomes evident as soon as you need to play guitar standing up.  It can feel a little weird when going from a sitting position to a standing position.  If you are in the habit of looking at your hands while playing, being in a standing position can make this more difficult.  Also, the angle of your arm to the fretboard may change when standing up.  This different angle can also cause pain in the wrist, for many guitarists. So how do we combat this problem?  The answer is, spend some of your practice time standing up.

Most guitarist play with their guitars slung low, but when first practicing standing up, it may be a big help to shorten your guitar strap giving you easier access to the strings.  As you get used to this position, you can gradually loosen the strap to put the guitar in a lower position.  If you only have difficulty playing certain parts, like solos and such, you can always put your leg up on something, a monitor or amp will do the trick, and rest your guitar over your knee.