How to Learn Guitar Chords Quickly

At first learning guitar chords can be quite challenging.  But you can learn guitar chords quite quickly if you go about it the right way.  Playing chords will take a bit of practicing in order to master but once you learn them, your fingers will know just where they need to go.   When first learning a chord, memorize where each finger should go, then put your fingers on the right strings and strum the chord.  Make sure that all the strings ring out clearly.  Good chords to start with if you haven’t learned any yet are: C major, D major, A minor, E minor, or G minor.  Thousands of songs are written with just three or four of these chords.  Check here for a printable guitar chord chart.

Once you have the chord shape memorized, practice switching between several chords.  Play as slowly as you need to, in order to make the chord changes smoothly.  If you are having trouble playing a chord.  Try just playing the bottom three or four strings, using the same fingers as you would if you were playing the whole chord.  Once you master this, you can add in the other fingers to complete the chord.

The chord shape is only one factor in the chord equation, the way you strum a chord can have a big effect on the way a chord sounds.  That is why a beginner and an expert guitarist can play the same song using the same chord, but the advanced guitarist will sound much better.  The strumming movement should come from your wrist.  Your wrist and hands should be very loose, when strumming a chord.  A good way to keep your playing in time, is to keep your hands in a continuous strumming motion even when skipping a beat.

When strumming, you can vary not only the strum pattern, but also the amount strings that are strummed.  You don’t have to strum every string every time.  In fact, it will make your chord progressions much more interesting if you do not.  Many songs alternate between the full chord and the bass note of the chord.

Practice switching between a few of these chords and experiment with different strum patterns, and you will learn these guitar chords very quickly.


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