Guitar Tricks Review

Update:  Guitartricks is now offering a 14 day free trial membership.

Started over 10 years ago was one of the first pay online guitar lesson sites on the internet. Guitartricks features over 5000 video guitar lessons in a wide variety of styles in all skill levels. That’s more content than you can go through in 10 years!

Guitartricks lessons are organized in a natural progression called the Core Learning System™.  This gives beginner and intermediate guitar players the needed structure to achieve success.

Guitartricks is also licensed to teach many popular songs.  This is one area where Guitartricks really stands ahead of it’s competition.  Many online guitar lesson sites don’t have the licensing for videos on popular songs, and you are stuck with mostly second rate songs or songs you’ve never heard of.  So if learning to play popular songs is a big deal to you, Guitartricks is probably a good choice.

Guitartricks also has 45 different professional guitar teachers. So it’s not too difficult to find one teacher that you really like.   Signing up for the membership also gives you access to some other great features.

  • Jam tracks
  • Online Metronome
  • Chord and Scale Finders
  • Online Community


Guitartricks Lessons Are Very Affordable

Disclosure: I receive a commission for the sale of guitar lessons, but I always strive to give honest and accurate reviews.

Guitartricks costs just $14.99 per month, which is a steal when you consider the price most guitar teachers are charging today.   A month of Guitartricks costs less than one or even possibly two lessons from a private instructor.  If you sign up for one year, the cost per month goes down to somewhere below $12 a month.

Still not sure whether to try Guitartricks?  Guitartricks offers a 60 day 100% money back refund if you aren’t satisfied.  They are so confident that you will like Guitartricks that they even offer a no-risk 14 day Free Trial of the service.  Cancel anytime and you won’t be charged a cent.


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Guitar Tricks 14 Day Free Trial