Guitar Finger Exercises

Doing these guitar finger exercises will help you develop the strength and speed needed to play much harder licks.  They will also allow you to play longer without your fingers getting tired.   Set your amp to a clean tone with no distortion in order to hear that all the notes ring out clearly.  Distortion can often mask mistakes and make a lick or exercise sound much smoother than it is. The goal here is not to sound good, but to hear exactly what we are playing

Notice that the exercises are played with hammer ons and pull offs.  When doing the pull offs, try  not to lift your fingers too far off the fretboard, as any extra movement will only slow you down. This will help to keep your movement as economical as possible.

Some Tips

  • Play each exercise slowly, so that you can play with proper technique and the least amount of pressure need to sound the note.
  • Try to play directly behind each fret.   This will give you the best tone.
  • Play with your thumb behind the neck, not wrapped around the neck.
  • Use a metronome.

Exercise 1

Exercise 2

Once you can play each of these exercises clearly, you can make them a little more difficult by moving them up and down the neck. After you get the hang of this you can increase the speed of the metronome.