Guitar Chords: Minor 7th Chords Chart (printable)

A minor seventh chord, can also be referred to as an m7 chord, is made up of a root, a minor third, a perfect fifth, and a minor seventh. You will notice that the difference between a dominate 7th and a minor 7th chord is that the minor seventh is built on top of a minor triad (1 b3 5) where as a dominate seventh is built on a major triad (1 3 5). In some voicings of the chord, the root or the fifth can be left out, and it can still be called a minor 7 chord.

All the chords in guitar chord charts below are moveable, this means that they can be moved to any fret. For example, if we were to move the F minor in the first chart, down two frets, it would become a G minor chord. Some of the chords that require a lot of stretching may be much easier to play farther down the neck, so if you have difficulty practicing them, try moving them down the neck a bit, to where the frets are closer together.

minor seventhmovable minor seventh chord

M7 guitar chord m7 guitar chord







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