Guitar Chords: Major 7th Chords

A major seventh chord is made up of the intervals of a root, a major third, a perfect fifth and a major seventh. The root, fifth, or third can be left out of an M7 chord, as in the sixth and eighth examples, and it can still be called a major seventh chord.

If the seventh is left out, obviously it can’t be called a seventh chord. All the examples shown below, are displayed at the first fret, but are moveable to any fret.  If we were to move the chord in the first example, which is a F major 7, down two frets, we would have a G major 7.  The chord is named after the root note of the chord.  In most cases the root note is the bass note, or the lowest note in the chord, but not always.  Two exceptions are  example 6 and 7.  In example 6, the root note is left out.  In example 7, the root note is on the D string and the 5th is the bass note.

Major 7 Guitar ChordMajor 7th guitar chord version 2

major seventh chordM7 chordM7 guitar chord

M7 guitarMajor Seventh chord








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