Do Your Fingers Hurt After Playing the Guitar?

Why do my fingers hurt when playing guitar?

This is a very common question that many beginner guitar players ask.  It is  totally normal to have pain or soreness on your fingertips when you haven’t been playing guitar for very long.  After playing you may also notice deep lines or indents where you’ve been pressing on the strings.  I’ve also had my fingernail start to pull away from my finger after practicing bends for a long time.  The solution to all these problems, is regular practice.  If your fingers hurt too much to play anymore, give it a rest and a day or so to heal.  After a few weeks or so of consistent practice and your fingertips will toughen up and develop calluses.  After this happens, your fingertips will be hard and no longer hurt when you play.

If the pain is not in your fingertips but in the fingers themselves, the problem is often using too much pressure or too much tension in your hands and fingers.  To much tension can also cause your hand to cramp up, and hurt limit your playing ability.  You should be very relaxed and loose when you play.  If you need help playing without tension check out my post How to Eliminate Tension in Your Guitar Playing.

It is important to be aware and try to correct any kind of pain or tension in your hands, wrists and arms, because they can lead to injuries.  Too much tension can cause repetitive stress injuries like carpal tunnel and tendonitis.  If you are having pain you most likely aren’t doing something right.  So try to see how you can correct your technique and eliminate the pain.