Do You Need a Guitar Teacher to Learn Guitar?

Many people wonder, “Do I need to take guitar lessons in order to learn guitar?”.  The short answer is no.  There are many great guitarist who have never had a lesson, but… there’s always a “but”.  Having someone with hands on experience, who can answer all our questions and show us what we’re doing wrong is an invaluable resource, especially when you are just learning.  It is important to have a good foundation to learn on, rather than developing bad habits and having to relearn skills.  A good guitar teacher will have a system and will give us the guidance to become a good player.  Many people don’t have the self discipline to practice what they need to practice, and will waste time on things that doesn’t get them closer to their goal.  So in my opinion the only reason not to use a guitar teacher when starting out is money.

Guitar lessons generally run from about $18 to $35 per half hour lesson, although there are some teachers who charge much more.  So if you can’t afford or aren’t willing to spend the money the next best option is online guitar lessons.  There are many to choose from.  Research as many as you can.  Online forums can be helpful with this.

Books and offline videos can be helpful as well.  Another good option is to find someone else to jam with, preferably, who is better than you.

All these options don’t necessarily have to be and either/or approach.  And if you are taking lessons, at a certain point in your development as a guitar player, you need to ask your self is it still cost effective to continue taking lessons or are you advanced enough in your learning to teach yourself.