Common Rock Licks

There are many common riffs and licks that you have undoubtedly heard hundreds of times in all types of songs.  It is good to have a large arsenal of licks for when you are soloing.  You can easily string these short licks into longer phrases or use the same notes and come up with your own phrasing.

Lick 1

Bend the note with your ring finger and bar index finger across the first and second string.  You can also use your index finger to silence the note after you bend it.

Lick 2

This lick  is a good way to practice your hammer ons.  Start slowly at first and make sure the hammered on notes are sounding clearly

Lick 3

You can accent this lick different ways to give it a different feel.  Practice with a metronome till you can play it fast.  It will sound great.

Lick 4

This lick is just like the first one, except that it uses triplets instead of an eighth note and two sixteenth notes

Experiment with stringing, these licks together with your own licks to form a solo.