Buying a Guitar

If your looking to buy a guitar, some aspects you want to consider are:

The Sound – Find a guitar that sounds good even unplugged, sometimes you get one that just has that special resonance, if you find one you got a winner.  Hint, it’s not always the guitar that is most expensive.

Playability – How does the neck, fingerboard, and  frets feel under your hands, find one that you feel comfortable playing.

The Action – How is it set low or high, is there any fret buzz

Pickups – Are the pickups active or passive?  Active pickups take a battery and generate a louder signal.  Does it have humbuckers or single coil pickups?  They each generate a different sound.

Body Shape – Some more exotic body shapes are more difficult to play sitting down

Weight – If you play standing this could be an issue for you.

Brand – The brand doesn’t matter if it sounds and is well made, but some brands have a better resale value if you ever were to sell it.

Price – There is a lot bigger difference in quality between a mid-priced guitar and a cheap guitar, than a mid-priced guitar and a high-end guitar.  You don’t have to break the bank to get a decent axe.