Are Online Guitar Lessons Worth it

You may be wondering if paid online guitar lessons are worth the price.  Although almost anyone would agree that taking lessons from a qualified private teacher is the best option, they may not work for everyone, whether your a total beginner or have been playing a while,  online guitar lessons  can be an effective alternative to  a regular lesson:

  • A good guitar teacher can be hard to find, especially one who is not only a great guitar player but a great teacher. There are lot’s of guitar players who just teach on the side for extra money, but aren’t really “great teachers”. If you live in a rural area or one with few teachers it can be impossible to find a good one. Online guitar lessons can be taken from anywhere you have an internet connection.
  • The second reason is the price. For a private teacher you will almost always pay $20 to $30 or even more per half hour lesson. Most online guitar lessons start at under $20 a month, and are even further discounted if you subscribe for longer periods of time. A month of online guitar lessons costs less than one lesson from a private teacher.
  • Reason number three is that you can take online guitar lessons at your own pace. Some guitar teachers make you pay for lessons you miss, for example if you we’re sick or had a vacation. With online guitar lessons, you can work at your own pace.
  • With most online guitar lessons you get many different teachers and many different styles of playing. When taking lessons from one teacher you only get the styles that he or she plays. It can get expensive and time consuming to try out many different tutors, so with online guitar lessons you get much more variety of teachers and styles of music.

Online Guitar Lessons are Great for Children and Adults

  • Online guitar lessons are available 24 hours a day. If you want to take a lesson at three o’clock in the morning your free to do so. You can take online guitar lessons on your schedule.


  • Most online guitar lessons allow you to ask questions through email or in a chat room. Many also have forums where other members will happily answer all your questions about different lessons.
  • Many online guitar lessons have a large library of popular songs to learn. It is highly unlikely that a private tutor would know how to play all the songs that you would want to learn, or would have the time to figure them out for every student. So another advantage for taking lessons online is a large library of songs.

What are the best online guitar lessons?

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Two of the top guitar lessons sites online right now are and They each offer:

  • 1000s of hours of lessons
  • Lessons in many different styles
  • Dozens of different teachers
  • Online forum
  • Jam tracks
  • Video looping

Jamplay offers these two coupon codes:

  • 33C6CE – 10% off all products (monthly, quarterly, yearly)
  • 1BA1E2 – 25% off monthly (first billing only

GuitarTricks offers a Free 14 day trial available through this link



For a more in depth comparison between the two, check out our Jamplay vs Guitar Tricks review. I also review them both more indepthly. Guitar Tricks Review.