Are Expensive Guitar Cables Worth It?

mogami, monsterWhen it comes to guitar cables there are many choices to pick from, in all kinds of price ranges and lengths.  How much should you spend on an instrument cable?  Well, that all depends on how long of an instrument cable you need.  You don’t want an instrument cable any longer than you need.

The shorter the distance the signal has to travel from your guitar to your amp the better.  Also, a cable longer than you need will get in the way and be more easily tangled and harder to wrap up when your done playing.  For most applications, unless your playing live, a 12 foot cable should suffice.

Are the expensive guitar cables worth the extra price? How much should you spend on a guitar cable?

Guitar cables come in a wide range of prices.  There is a big difference in quality between the cheap cords and the mid-priced cables.  A cheap guitar cable will not be shielded as well and will not transmit the guitar signal as clearly as a more expensive one.  They also won’t last as long.  The difference between the mid-priced and expensive is not as clear, and most people won’t notice much of a difference unless you are doing recording.  I wouldn’t pay much more than $20 or $30 dollars for a 12 foot cable.